Newsletter issue: March 2016

Anna Esaki-Smith
Editorial Director
Education Intelligence British Council
Dear colleagues:

As we come to the close of our publishing year, we would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your continued support and interest in our work. Before Education Intelligence kicks off with new research in April, we'd like to draw your attention to a number of interesting and thought-provoking reports we have recently made available.

Our last Partnership Access report, Perspectives on TNE: Postgraduate student views, takes a unique angle in examining the tremendous interest in transnational education. By analysing TNE data from both HESA and our Student Insight survey, and then enhancing those findings with qualitative interviews of Hong Kong students who have studied postgraduate UK TNE programmes, we have produced an exploration of the state of postgraduate TNE from both macro and on-the-ground viewpoints.

We also have Student Insight reports focusing on prospective international students in Indonesia and Ukraine, an EI Feature on how perceptions of UK students who have studied overseas compare with those of students who aspire to do so, and a schools report providing an overview on the recruitment environment in Russia. Altogether, a comprehensive conclusion to our research schedule and one that we hope helps inform your strategies going into our next publication year.

Best regards,

Anna Esaki-Smith
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Revelations & realities: new research 
Partnership Access - 
Perspectives on TNE: Postgraduate student views

Interest in transnational education has grown significantly in recent years, and this report examines both the macro trends in TNE as well as the perspectives of students who have studied UK postgraduate TNE programmes. By combining analyses of both HESA and Student Insight data with qualitative interviews of students in Hong Kong who have completed TNE study, a comprehensive examination is provided.

Student Insight: Indonesia and Ukraine

Student Insight reports highlight the priorities and influencing factors of prospective students when contemplating study abroad options. The data in the reports are unique and based on our ongoing global Student Insight survey, which has collected responses from 205,000 students in more than 100 countries. Reports on Indonesia and Ukraine have just been added to the series.

EI Features - UK student perceptions of study abroad 

To better understand the impact of overseas study on student perceptions, this report provides a comparative analysis of the opinions of UK students who have already studied overseas with those of students who aspire to do so. Factors that can impact decision-making, such as financial concerns and employability, are examined and by seeing how perspectives are influenced by the study abroad experience, messaging to prospective international students can be tailored to more effectively convey benefits and impact.

Schools sector market insight: Russia

This report provides an understanding of the potential and possibilities for recruiting school and university students from Russia, information that can help support schools in the UK develop informed internationalisation strategies.
News alerts
Here are our top picks from the news on international higher education
Brazilian universities optimistic about future of mobility programme for students and researchers

Budget freezes were announced for the second phase of Brazil's science mobility programme, Ciencias sem Fronteiras (Science Without Borders), last autumn, but some higher education leaders believe this the scheme will shift focus more on postgraduate study.

Foreign STEM graduates can now stay and work in the US for up to three years

Building upon the current one-year Optional Practical Training (OPT) period - which allows all foreign graduates in STEM subjects in the US to stay and work in the country for up to 12 months following graduation - new regulations have extended that period to three years after graduating.

Maths education can help provide clearer path to economic prosperity

Mathematical sciences directly contribute ten per cent to all jobs in the UK, according to some estimates. Despite the subject's association with economic prosperity, one of the key challenges for employers is recruiting and retaining staff with adequate technical training.

Universities' use of overseas recruitment agents under review by UK government

About one in three international students in the UK is believed to have been introduced to their university by an agent, so a review of sector agencies is prompting some concern among stakeholders.

Spotlight - the latest news and views 
Ten fast facts about Nepal

Although a quarter of Nepal's population live in poverty, there is evidence of increasing wealth, with some estimates that 22 per cent of the population qualifies as middle class. Here are ten fast facts about Nepal that make it a key emerging market for student mobility.
Elizabeth Gray
Elizabeth Gray is Head of Strategic Marketing within the Marketing, Recruitment and International Office at the University of Glasgow. Her efforts are focused on student recruitment; horizon scanning; market intelligence; forecasting student numbers and developing programme provision. Elizabeth has an MA and MBA from the University of Glasgow, is an alumnus of the Common Purpose Leadership programme and a Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts.
What is your favorite conference and why?
I like the practical nature of some conferences where you learn something new and make good international contacts. Both Going Global and the Australian International Education Conference fit that bill. However, before joining the international recruitment world, my favourite conference by far was The Association of University Technology Managers (AUTM), which takes place in the US every year. The scale of innovation presented at this event annually is amazing, and one year we were welcomed by Arnie Schwarzenegger and Jeb Bush.
What is your current country of interest and why?
Where to start! The very nature of our job takes us all over and we work very closely with our International Recruitment Team. We were recently involved in a major collaborative project looking at opportunities in South East Asia, and who knows where our horizon scanning work will take us...
What is your greatest challenge?
Time. For six years I have been a Board member of Turning Point Scotland, an organisation supporting people with complex needs involving addiction and learning disabilities, and have just recently completed a two-year stint as Chair. Acting as a non-executive Director opens up your eyes to the world of governance, risk management, finance and makes you realise the plights faced by others on a daily basis. I am also just about to join the Independent Monitoring Team of the Inspectorate of Prisons for Scotland, a new initiative bringing the communities in Scotland into the country's prisons, and have just joined the Maryhill Burgh Trust Heritage Group. I'm passionate about social justice and community development.
What keeps you up at night?
Trying to work out an approach for the latest complex research request we've been asked to tackle and how to find the resources to get it done within an invariably tight timeframe; juggling the 'fun' of personal life and wondering what my two daughters are up to as they're both studying away from home...
What's your guilty pleasure?
Not sure this is 'guilty' but I love the tranquillity of walking my border collie on white sandy beaches on the islands off the West Coast of Scotland, spending precious time with my family and friends, and planning trips to countries I've never visited - there's a great big world out there waiting to be explored!
...that the number of Chilean students taking master's degrees rose from less than 7,000 in 2000 to over 29,000 in 2010, and the number of doctoral students quadrupled to over 4,000 in the same period?

Find out more from our report, Inside Guide: Chile

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