Newsletter issue: August 2014

Anna Esaki-Smith
Editorial Director
Education Intelligence British Council

Dear colleagues:


We are happy to announce our second annual Education Intelligence Research Forum will be held on Monday, 6 October in Brisbane, just prior to the start of the Australian International Education Conference. We will be launching a major piece of research, currently entitled Postgraduate mobility and the global skills race to 2024, at the forum, with the aligned theme focusing on employability and skills. There are details further down in the newsletter, so for those who will be at AIEC, we hope to see you there. 


We've recently produced Inside Guide: Colombia after noting keen interest in this country as it experiences a period of relative political peace and increased foreign direct investment. While this report provides an overview of key trends, some general information can be gleaned from our Ten fast facts about Colombia section, a regular feature that highlights our Country Brief series.


Lastly, we profile Nike Awoyinka, Head of International Development at Ravensbourne in this month's Up close and personal. After speaking with her in Hong Kong, we found her knowledge of and passion for international education to be most inspirational.



Best regards,  

Anna Esaki-Smith

Editorial Director

Education Intelligence, British Council  

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Education Intelligence Research Forum 


New research: Revelations and realities 


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Up close and personal with... 


Did you know? 

Education Intelligence research forum in Brisbane 

Save the date: Education Intelligence Research Forum - Monday October 6, 2014 


On the eve of the 28th Australian International Education Conference (AIEC) in Brisbane, Education Intelligence will be launching a major research report, Postgraduate mobility and the global skills race to 2024, at its second annual Research Forum. International student employability and skills will be discussed at this year's event, which will feature commentary from Education Intelligence, academics and industry leaders, as well as a dynamic panel debate. The new report examines current trends in postgraduate mobility between key origin and destination markets and will forecast student flows through the next decade. The forum, which will run from 5.00 to 7.00 p.m., will provide education and industry perspectives, so attendees will get critical insight. Don't miss this event. Watch this space for more details!

New research: Revelations and realities 

New Country Brief 2014 reports are now available 


Reports on Bahrain, Bangladesh, Japan and U.A.E. are now available for purchase and download. Refreshed annually to ensure they are up-to-date and reliable, Country Briefs provide a window into a country's education system, and a wider view of society and the influences impacting the higher education sector. Content includes macro-economic and socio-economic indicators, educational expenditure, analyses of GDP, disposable income and employment by sector. 

Further education and skills: Thailand 


Recognising that people are its most valuable resource and the drivers of sustainable economic growth, Thailand has prioritised education and training for human resource development. This report provides detailed analysis of the skills challenges facing the Thai economy in the context of government policymaking and reform of technical education and vocational training (TVET) provision. In addition to describing the structures, governance, funding and qualifications framework of the sector, the report highlights the challenges facing TVET expansion efforts. Amid the competitive labour markets and skill shortages, the report argues that UK educators and suppliers have opportunities to support Thailand's TVET and skills development efforts, including in English-language skills and teacher training. 

Inside Guide: Colombia 


With a quarter of its population aged 15 - 29, and an emerging middle-class which prioritises education over other expenditure, Colombia has growing education needs that require support to ensure the country's productive and sustainable future. However, despite the ongoing expansion and reform of Colombia's education system, dropout rates are high and quality is inconsistent at all levels. Amid strong economic growth, internationalisation is becoming more important, and the government is keen to promote the country as an education destination, especially as a place to learn Spanish. Study abroad opportunities have also increased, a trend likely to continue as the economy develops. This report profiles Colombia, an attractive market due to economic growth and strong forecasts, providing an overview of key trends and offering insights on prospects and challenges.


News alerts  

Search trends playing an increasing role in international education marketing 


Education-related search volumes have continued to increase year on year, with Google reporting that one in ten prospective students now search exclusively online for classes and programmes. Insight into this search behaviour provides a valuable marketing tool for education marketers.


A shift in China's education system to focus on VET 


China has recently released a six-year Modern Vocational Education Development Strategy in a bid to raise the profile of vocational education and fill skills gaps in a job market already saturated with gradates academically trained both at home and abroad.


15 universities that educated the world's most powerful women 


What do Christine Lagarde, Beyonce Knowles and Queen Elizabeth II have in common? They all feature in Forbes' definitive annual guide to the extraordinary icons and leaders, groundbreakers and ceiling crashers who command the world stage - they are among 100 of the world's most powerful women. Which institutions were responsible for helping these women to the top?


Learning about development, in Germany 


Arab students are going to Germany to learn about fields key to national progress, such as urban planning.


Spotlight - the latest news and views 

Ten fast facts about Colombia 


Each month, the Education Intelligence newsletter profiles a market from our Country Brief series, and provides ten engaging facts from the most current report. The UAE was July's candidate, but this month we're crossing continents to spotlight the equatorial country of Colombia, a land offering both tropical heat and snowfall, and one of the world's most mega-diverse nations.

up close and personal with...Nike Awoyinka  

Education Intelligence grills luminaries from the international higher education world in our regular feature, Up close and personal. This month we talk with Nike Awoyinka, Head of International Development at Ravensbourne, who reveals how "eye candy" keeps her awake at night and espouses the joy of disco.


Nike is responsible for the marketing and recruitment of international students at Ravensbourne, which offers specialist education in design, media and digital technology across the creative industries, as well as the institution's overseas commercial and education partnerships.

What is your favourite conference and why?
My favourite conference so far this year has been the International Baccalaureate Conference of the Americas in Washington DC. Over 3,000 delegates from IB schools around the world came together for four days to discuss the ways in which students, schools, universities, communities and countries can benefit from this very unique educational programme. I learnt a great deal from the event, especially in regards to how we can develop a robust IB recognition policy for IB diploma students who want to study at Ravensbourne. To top it all off, the conference's closing dinner was held at the National Museum of American History, a truly incredible experience.
What is your current country of interest and why?
The US, for several reasons including student recruitment, alumni engagement and partnerships creation, both corporate and educational. In terms of student recruitment we are finding that our proximity and involvement in London's technology hub is proving to be a quite a draw for American students who want to kick-start their tech careers in Europe. The huge success of the London 2012 Olympics also generated an awareness amongst young Americans that East London is a very creative and vibrant part of the city. The US's position as the world's largest creative market means it's a key career destination for our graduates.
What is your greatest challenge?
Our ongoing work in emerging economies like Vietnam, Colombia and Nigeria. These rapidly developing markets are producing a very savvy middle class who are redefining what an overseas education is. By that I'm referring to the fact that there are thousands of Nigerians studying in the UAE, Malaysia and the Ukraine. It seems to me that these students are looking for an education that they feel is more relevant to the unique developmental obstacles facing their home countries. So as a marketer, I have the intriguing challenge of getting them to realise that a Ravensbourne education empowers a graduate to thrive successfully in any environment.
What keeps you up at night?
The view from my flat in East London. I am really fortunate to have the London skyline as my daily "eye candy". I can see Canary Wharf, the new Leadenhall building, the London Eye, the Shard and the Olympic Stadium. Simply magical to see old and new buildings cheek by jowl, tradition nestled with the future.
What's your guilty pleasure?
Disco music. Enough said.

did you know? 

...that only 23.8 per cent of the population in Sri Lanka speak English, while 30.5 per cent can read and write it according to the 2012 census, and that the education sector has resisted efforts and lacks the teachers to implement universal English-medium teaching?


Find out more from our brand new Country Brief 2014.