Newsletter issue: May 2014

Anna Esaki-Smith
Editorial Director
Education Intelligence, British Council

Dear colleagues,


The recent tragedy that took place near the University of California, Santa Barbara, has reverberated throughout the higher education community, and we are saddened that the perception of a university campus can no longer be simply that as a place of learning. Our heartfelt condolences go out to all the grieving students and families.


Just a few hours' drive from Santa Barbara is the city of San Diego, which is currently hosting the NAFSA 2014 annual conference that has drawn nearly 10,000 participants from across the globe. Education Intelligence is not there this year, but we know the international higher education community convened are discussing issues concerning students with an even more heightened sense of purpose. As a research team, we talk about students every day at our desks, and also feel the keen need that personal safety be preserved so that education can be pursued, freely and without fear.


Best regards,  

Anna Esaki-Smith

Editorial Director

Education Intelligence, British Council  

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New research: Revelations and realities 


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Spotlight - the latest news and views 

New introductory subscription offer from Education Intelligence 


Since it was established in 2011, Education Intelligence has provided data and analysis to higher education institutions and stakeholders across the globe to help them achieve their internationalisation goals. Now, we are offering an opportunity to tap into this wealth of knowledge with an exclusive, comprehensive one-year subscription package which includes access to our research portfolio and valuable data mining tool.


Students' blog - The Social University: Five ways to attract more international students using social media 


Education Intelligence is always interested in hearing from students about their views on international education or education marketing. We recently invited some international marketing students from King's College London to write a blog exploring new ways to attract applications from international students - specifically students from Turkey. Their ideas might just be the inspiration you need to get on top of your social media strategy.


Ten fast facts about Pakistan 


Every month, the Education Intelligence newsletter features a market from our Country Brief series, and provide ten fast facts from the most current report. In the last issue we featured "Ten Things About Mexico," which was among the most-read items in the newsletter. This month we wise up on Pakistan.



Connecting with students: reaching out for a better understanding 


Artemis Sakorafa recently completed one of our Student Insight surveys. She is currently studying for a Bachelor of Translation and Interpreting at the Ionian University in Corfu, Greece, after which she would like to do a Master's in Interpreting and continue her Spanish lessons. Artemis is one of tens of thousands of students whose feedback is an important part of our Student Insight survey. Education Intelligence collects ongoing feedback from students through many different avenues, including online education portals, education exhibitions and events, and school visits.


A commitment to providing valuable quantitative research on student mobility resulted in the launch of Education Intelligence's Student Insight survey in 2007. Since then more than 170,000 students from more than 100 countries around the world have contributed to the data, providing a remarkable perspective on how the international student has changed over time. Why do international students study overseas? What are today's important considerations for students considering study abroad? How important is an internationally-recognised qualification to students studying abroad? These are just some of the questions Artemis helped to answer as part of our research efforts to understand how the motivations and interests of international students continue to evolve over time. Education Intelligence remains committed to unraveling the trends and insights that provide a better understanding of what makes international students tick, and how best to engage with them.


New research: Revelations and realities 

Ten new Country Brief reports now available  


Ten new Country Brief reports are now available at the Education Intelligence online store for purchase and download. Look now for Brazil, China, Colombia, India, Malaysia, Nigeria, Saudi Arabia, Thailand, US and Vietnam.


The Briefs, refreshed yearly to ensure they are up-to-date and reliable, provide a window onto a country's education system, and a wider view of society and the influences impacting the higher education sector. Content includes macro-economic and socio-economic indicators, educational expenditure, analyses of GDP, disposable income and employment by sector.


up close and personal with...Richard Side 

Education Intelligence grills luminaries from the international higher education world in our regular feature, Up Close and Personal. This month we talk with Richard Side from Oxford Brookes University, who confesses to never feeling guilty, forgetfulness and being kept awake by moving furniture.


Richard Side is currently the Director of Oxford Brookes International, the unit of Oxford Brookes University that deals with most of the institution's international activities including student and staff mobility, international admissions, collaborative partnerships, pre-sessional teaching, marketing and recruitment. Before moving into the higher education sector, he spent many years in the UK and elsewhere as a teacher, teacher trainer, author and school principal in English-language teaching.

What is your favourite conference and why?
Do people really have favourite conferences? I had no idea.
What is your current country of interest and why?
I don't think I can narrow this down. Part of my job at Oxford Brookes is to justify the 20 or so priority countries we work in, and to have an awareness of those we do not work in and the reasons why. Within the last week, I have found myself fielding discussions and emails on Qatar, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Norway, and India, to name but a few. I am currently in China, and in the last few months have spent time in Japan, Russia, the US and Hong Kong. They are all interesting. If you forced me up against a wall, I would probably admit that I am particularly fascinated (and occasionally infuriated) by Nigeria and the US. If I ever find that these countries stop interesting me, I shall take it as a signal that the time has come to retire to a quiet room and decide on my favourite conference.
What is your greatest challenge?
Remembering stuff.
What keeps you up at night?
At the risk of being boring, it's all the usual work-related things: HR issues; working through priorities; trying to remember what it was I should have done before I went to bed; working out meeting agendas; hotel rooms that are too hot, or where the fridge keeps humming, or where you can hear the person next door snoring heroically; remembering what it was I should have done before I went to bed; overnight flights, turbulence, jet lag. I was once kept awake all night - in a place that should probably remain anonymous, but was in fact Moscow - by people filming a ... movie in the room next door. It involved moving a surprising amount of furniture.
What's your guilty pleasure?
I don't feel guilty about any of my pleasures, though it has been argued, sometimes quite forcefully, that I should.

News alerts  

New international university ranking system launched 


The European Commission has launched an online tool to rate universities worldwide, which allows users to select rating criteria out of 30 indicators in five areas: research, teaching, regional engagement, knowledge transfer, and international orientation.


Middle classes in emerging markets prioritise education 


Euromonitor released a new white paper to highlights key information about middle classes, with insight into economic and demographic trends, in small emerging markets beyond BRIC and to identify aspects of these consumers.


Higher education is about more than jobs 


Nevena Vuksanovic, an executive committee member of the European Students' Union, explains how an industry-oriented approach to education neglects the multiple purposes of higher education as a public good and public responsibility in an article on University World News.


did you know? 

...that Colombian students typically head to OECD countries for international study, with Spain and the US being the most popular destinations, due to geographical and cultural proximity.


Find out more from our brand new Country Brief 2014