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Press release

10 December 2015
‘The shape of international education to 2025’ examines the landscape of global higher education through the next decade by forecasting, in cooperation with Oxford Economics, demand for higher education based on household wealth and tertiary-aged populations.
08 December 2015
Some of the best-known British boarding schools are establishing branches overseas, as part of a high-profile internationalisation strategy to tap new pools of middle-class families seeking a quality education, according to new British Council research Global expansion of UK boarding schools: a study of branch campuses.
02 November 2015
New research by the British Council concluded that undergraduate and postgraduate international STEM students assess the value of their career and research prospects, alongside the quality of the course and the transferable skills they will attain, when deciding on a higher education destination.
28 May 2015
The ‘Broadening Horizons’ 2015 survey of almost 3000 UK students found overall, 34 per cent of all respondents to the survey said they were interested in some form of overseas study.
14 November 2014
A new British Council research report finds Japanese students who have studied abroad are more optimistic about their futures than students who have not, and that overall Japanese student sentiment towards overseas study is equal to UK and US peers.
06 October 2014
The report, Postgraduate student mobility trends to 2024, examines current trends in postgraduate mobility between key origin and destination markets, and forecasts student flows through the next ten years.
24 April 2014
A new research report, provides insight into how UK and US student demand for overseas study is changing.
05 December 2013
A new report provides a unique insight into the education aspirations of 10,000 students across India.
07 October 2013
A new report provides forecasts of key international student mobility indicators and markets to 2024.

Media mentions

29 January 2016
But while there is growing interest in online courses, particularly among youth, Peruvians on the whole still rely upon traditional learning modes. The British Council estimates 5% of English language learners do so via self-access but that this could rise to 20% within the next ten years. Technology is an important aspect of government education reform plans but its viability and effectiveness in language learning in Peru remains an open question...
22 January 2016
As a result, the British Council concluded in a recent study, Iranian postgraduate students are likely to look abroad for opportunities: “In 2024, the US is forecast to be the top destination of the six selected markets for Iranian postgraduates, of whom 11,900 will study in the US. Other strong postgraduate flows of Iranian students will be to Germany (5,700), Canada (2,800) and the UK (2,700)"...
20 January 2016
A recent report from the British Council forecast that by 2025 India will have the biggest student-age population in the world. It means a decade of even more intense competition from international universities for a share of this expanding market...
10 December 2015
But a study published this week by the British Council suggests that while these methods may be effective, many parents in China and the Far East want something more. The report looked at the phenomenal overseas growth of British boarding schools. A number of the U.K.’s leading private schools have set up international campuses in recent years, offering a British-style education to the burgeoning ranks of the wealthy...
08 December 2015
Education Intelligence's latest research, Global expansion of UK boarding schools: a study of branch campuses, were referred in the Times article.