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Press release

10 December 2015
‘The shape of international education to 2025’ examines the landscape of global higher education through the next decade by forecasting, in cooperation with Oxford Economics, demand for higher education based on household wealth and tertiary-aged populations.
08 December 2015
Some of the best-known British boarding schools are establishing branches overseas, as part of a high-profile internationalisation strategy to tap new pools of middle-class families seeking a quality education, according to new British Council research Global expansion of UK boarding schools: a study of branch campuses.
02 November 2015
New research by the British Council concluded that undergraduate and postgraduate international STEM students assess the value of their career and research prospects, alongside the quality of the course and the transferable skills they will attain, when deciding on a higher education destination.
28 May 2015
The ‘Broadening Horizons’ 2015 survey of almost 3000 UK students found overall, 34 per cent of all respondents to the survey said they were interested in some form of overseas study.
14 November 2014
A new British Council research report finds Japanese students who have studied abroad are more optimistic about their futures than students who have not, and that overall Japanese student sentiment towards overseas study is equal to UK and US peers.
06 October 2014
The report, Postgraduate student mobility trends to 2024, examines current trends in postgraduate mobility between key origin and destination markets, and forecasts student flows through the next ten years.
24 April 2014
A new research report, provides insight into how UK and US student demand for overseas study is changing.
05 December 2013
A new report provides a unique insight into the education aspirations of 10,000 students across India.
07 October 2013
A new report provides forecasts of key international student mobility indicators and markets to 2024.

Media mentions

26 January 2017
In its latest Student Insight survey, the British Council looked into what convinced prospective U.S. postgraduate students to choose the UK as their study destination. The survey, involving focus groups and over 230 American postgraduate students, found that despite the debate in academia regarding the validity of world university rankings, students still find them a useful source of information...
25 January 2017
Debate over the validity of global academic league tables may be brewing within the international education sector, but the British Council’s latest Student Insight Special about the decision making process of US postgraduates underscores that students do still pay attention to rankings...
22 August 2016
After study abroad, United Kingdom students gain confidence, develop communication skills and seek to share experience with their peers, according to new research from the British Council. The research concluded that the impact of study abroad is vast, varied and transformative, and that upon their return home students are eager to engage with new people and practices to continue their experience…
04 March 2016
A recent British Council study predicts that China will remain the number one sender of international students to other countries in 2025, followed by India. Also at that ten-year mark, however, India will have the largest number of 18–22-year-olds poised to enter higher education – 119 million (an increase of 3.9 million students over 2012) – and China will have the second largest at 80 million (down from more than 115 million in 2012)...
30 January 2016
The quality of education in some countries that have long sent many students abroad is improving. Local hubs such as Singapore and Hong Kong are growing more popular: of Asians who study abroad, the proportion who do so in Asia rose from 36% in 1999 to 42% in 2007. And more students are plumping for “transnational” rather than international study, says Michael Peak of the British Council: mixing and matching local and foreign provision, for example by starting degrees at home and taking just a final year abroad...