Country Brief - Bahrain 2017

Country Brief - Bahrain 2017
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July, 2017



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Country Brief - Bahrain 2017
Country Brief - Bahrain 2017
Country Brief - Bahrain 2017

The need to diversify its economy away from oil and gas due to diminishing reserves has been intensified in recent years by the impact of the global downturn and low oil prices. Bahrain has attempted to sustain its economy and ensure social stability by increasing government spending, but this has depleted reserves and raised public debt, leading to ratings downgrades in recent months. Bahrain’s population includes a large migrant labour force, like many countries in the region, most of whom work in the private sector, but the country aims to develop this sector and attract highly-skilled Bahraini graduates away from their preference for public sector jobs. Comprehensive reforms to education are designed to enhance quality and attainment as well as aligning skills and abilities with employers’ needs. The private education sector is growing fastest and there are opportunities to expand high-quality TNE provision in key disciplines. While Bahrain is unlikely to be able to rival the scope and scale of some of its neighbours as a regional education hub, it continues to focus on achieving international standards; meanwhile rising numbers of students are enrolling abroad, reflecting school-age population and economic growth.

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