Inside Guide - Chile

Inside Guide - Chile
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June, 2015

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Inside Guide - Chile
Inside Guide - Chile
Inside Guide - Chile

A high-income country, with long-standing urban development and an established middle-class, Chile places a high value on education. The promotion of English-language learning and greater internationalisation of the higher education system have featured among the plans of successive governments in recent years. Although the current government is committed to improving equality of access to high quality education, and to raising the level of human capital in order to deal with low productivity, challenges remain. Reforms passed in early 2014 included measures to address problems such as poverty and social segregation in schools which have contributed to social inequality. Further increases in education spending are also on the agenda, although there are concerns that plans will deter new foreign investment and end Chile’s economic success story.

A stable and developed market, Chile needs to address concerns relating to reducing social inequality and enhancing human capital, while ensuring that business interests are also being served. This Inside Guide offers a grassroots examination of the only country in Latin America to break into the high income bracket, providing an overview of key trends and offering insights for higher education institutions abroad looking at benefitting from the growing emphasis on internationalisation in Chile.

The country faces the challenge of making the best use of the youthful population it now has to advance economic growth, so improving human capital is seen as crucial, which is one reason why reducing inequality in education is viewed as an urgent matter.

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