Student Insight - Brazil 2015

Student Insight - Brazil 2015
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February, 2015

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Student Insight - Brazil 2015
Student Insight - Brazil 2015
Student Insight - Brazil 2015

Higher education in Brazil has become more accessible in recent years, due to the advent of relatively affordable and good-quality, private, for-profit schools. Government universities and colleges are free or have minimal fees, and continue to be considered the most prestigious, although they tend to serve the economic and social elite. The increase in higher education options in Brazil may have led to a less urgent need to pursue study abroad, but the government continues to promote overseas courses. This report profiles prospective students from Brazil interested in study abroad, and includes the research results of a survey conducted from the start of 2013 through 2014, of more than 5,000 respondents living in-country. The report also provides insight into factors influencing students’ study abroad preferences, and the range of information sources used throughout their decision-making process.

As their country continues to progress and expand, ambitious Brazilians are looking abroad for education options, not only for tertiary degrees, but also as a means of improving their career prospects with skills such as English-language fluency, considered vital for engaging and participating in the global economy. The latest Student Insight offers a better understanding of prospective students from Brazil and their motivations for pursuing study abroad. A valuable resource, the report will help institutions and other higher education providers learn more about how to effectively connect with this unique demographic.

In choosing a place to study, Brazilians most look forward to the opportunity to live in another culture and to advancing one’s career. The quality of education and the international recognition of the qualification are the most important reasons for choosing a destination.

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