Inside Guide - Education Overview: Burma

Inside Guide - Education Overview: Burma
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September, 2012

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Inside Guide - Education Overview: Burma
Inside Guide - Education Overview: Burma
Inside Guide - Education Overview: Burma

The Burmese people and government have viewed education as imperative to personal and economic growth since pre-colonial days, when monasteries were the centre of educational activities. Burma’s new civilian government has taken steps to open up the country’s economy and make it more accessible to outsiders by easing restrictions on foreign investment, guaranteeing property rights, and inviting assistance from international agencies. However, Burma’s tenuous political, economic and social situation, makes any progress in Burma’s education sector challenging. The curriculum taught in schools is in need of reform. The Burmese tertiary education system is underdeveloped and inefficient. Legislation regarding quality and standards, as well as investment in education is lacking. After graduation, many students have problems finding jobs in part due to the lack of qualification, even within Burma. However, education and literacy are stated priorities for the government, citizens, and international community, resulting in a more favourable environment for the development of Burma’s education sector. With incomes rising and the progressive relaxation of travel restrictions, Burma will become an increasingly viable country for international student recruitment as well as transnational education. As Burma develops, it will need a skilled workforce, leading to increased demand for appropriate academic and hands-on experience.

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Along with economic reforms, Burma’s education system is changing. The Millennium Development Goals along with the Education for All initiative attack quality of curriculum and literacy within the nation and look to make drastic improvements by 2015.

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