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15 September 2017
Chinese students continue to head to the US and Europe for overseas study, but an increasing number are opting for Africa as the destination for tertiary education. With more Chinese companies and investors arriving in Africa under programmes such as the ‘The Belt and Road’ initiative, there is a growing need for talent that understands Africa.
15 September 2017
Finland’s success in PISA testing is well-known, but the nuts and bolts of the Finnish education system – no standardised testing or school inspections – are not as broadly publicised. The country’s national quality standards for learning and ‘intelligent accountability’ credo are behind the population’s success in education achievement.
15 September 2017
Charter schools in the US are becoming an option for international students seeking pathways to enrollment at an American university, and some public charter institutions are going further in their efforts to increase their market share: housing that creates a campus-like environment for international students.
5 September 2017
Demand for overseas education is growing rapidly in Vietnam, and, as incomes rise, so does the potential for international institutions in this market. Education Intelligence highlights 5 key facts for those who want to know more about the education market in Vietnam.
26 June 2017
Kevin Kinser is Professor and Head of the Department of Education Policy Studies, and Senior Scientist in the Center for the Study of Higher Education and Pennsylvania State University. Education Intelligence got the scoop on what it’s like to work in education research and the relevance of science fiction to cross-cultural understanding.
26 June 2017
Singapore has identified priority industries for development and is looking to services to drive future economic growth. The government has prioritised reskilling local workers, expanding technical and vocational education and lifelong learning, while also addressing the skills gap by encouraging the development of technical competencies rather than acquisition of university qualifications. Education Intelligence identifies a few quick facts which present market opportunities in the education sector in Singapore.

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