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2 March 2018
Data from international higher education authorities show that many destinations, including the US, Canada, France and the Netherlands have seen a rise in the number of British students in recent years reports The Economist.
30 January 2018
Education Intelligence highlights five facts about the education market in Qatar.
29 January 2018
A former Australian diplomat who worked for many years in Taiwan, Hong Kong and China, Professor Scott Sheppard is the Deputy Vice-Chancellor International and Development at Queensland University of Technology. Education Intelligence recently interviewed Scott about life at his university and beyond.
29 January 2018
Toyota Motor Manufacturing gave a private university in the US a US$100,000 grant to establish the Logistics and Supply Chain Management (LCSM) Programme.
29 January 2018
In a Huffington Post editorial, the president of a US university explains why colleges have a fundamental obligation to teach students a reverence for the truth, in the same way they are educating them to develop the marketable skills they will need to get good jobs after graduation.
29 January 2018
The OECD's Pisa global education rankings, which compare teens' reading, mathematics & science abilities, will test "global competence" for the first time in 2018 with results out in 2019.

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