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25 September 2017
Considering the tumultuousness of current global events, ensuring that the international student experience meets expectations is crucial to recruitment and retention. With intensifying competition from study destinations such as China, Japan and Malaysia offering less expensive tuition as well as curriculums increasingly taught in English, higher education institutions in the UK and US can maximise their advantages in reputation and brand by focusing on how to make students feel welcome.
18 September 2017
Raegan Hiles leads Universities UK International (UUKi)’s outbound mobility programmes, overseeing the national strategies for Outward Student Mobility and transnational education (TNE) efforts. Education Intelligence interviewed Raegan to better understand TNE trends, her countries of interest and listening to the sound of parakeets at night.
15 September 2017
A snapshot from the latest Global University Employability Ranking, released annually by Times Higher Education, suggests the relative reputation of US and UK graduates may be slipping from the perspective of employability.
15 September 2017
Chinese students continue to head to the US and Europe for overseas study, but an increasing number are opting for Africa as the destination for tertiary education. With more Chinese companies and investors arriving in Africa under programmes such as the ‘The Belt and Road’ initiative, there is a growing need for talent that understands Africa.
15 September 2017
Finland’s success in PISA testing is well-known, but the nuts and bolts of the Finnish education system – no standardised testing or school inspections – are not as broadly publicised. The country’s national quality standards for learning and ‘intelligent accountability’ credo are behind the population’s success in education achievement.
15 September 2017
Charter schools in the US are becoming an option for international students seeking pathways to enrollment at an American university, and some public charter institutions are going further in their efforts to increase their market share: housing that creates a campus-like environment for international students.

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