Subject Spotlight - Engineering 2016

Subject Spotlight - Engineering 2016
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July, 2016



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Subject Spotlight - Engineering 2016
Subject Spotlight - Engineering 2016
Subject Spotlight - Engineering 2016

Engineering and associated technology disciplines are among the most sought-after degrees globally. Although domestic demand for the subject has fallen in some countries including the UK, it remains high in others, such as Germany and the US. As the pace of industrial and infrastructure development has intensified in countries beyond the traditional advanced economies, demand for engineering and related disciplines in those markets has grown, driven by internationally mobile students. China and India are among the Asian countries which are leading sources of engineering students, along with Brazil, Nigeria, and selective Middle Eastern markets.

This Subject Spotlight research focuses on international student demand for engineering and examines global demand and mobility trends, as well as interest in the various engineering sub-disciplines among undergraduates and postgraduates. In addition to enrolment trends across key UK institutions, the report evaluates the competitive set, government policy and profiles prospective students. A valuable insight for nations and institutions, this report is a resource which can help support the development of strategies to drive recruitment in engineering disciplines and provide the knowledge to explore partnership opportunities, whilst encouraging the training and development of professionals which are in high demand worldwide.

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