Student Insight - Uganda 2018

Student Insight - Uganda 2018
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January, 2018



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Student Insight - Uganda 2018
Student Insight - Uganda 2018
Student Insight - Uganda 2018

With the largest global proportion of youth among its population, Uganda benefits from a demographic dividend which can help spur its economy and achieve its mission to transform into a prosperous nation over the next thirty years. However, the country faces considerable challenges in education and job creation to create a skilled and productive labour force. Education is a priority, and recent reforms have included establishing universal and equal access, improving teaching quality, infrastructure and facilities, and enhancing the efficiency of the education sector. Meanwhile, there has been an increase in higher education institutions to meet growing demand for tertiary education although there has not been a corresponding rise in funding. While the government has plans to increase higher education funding and prioritise STEM subjects to address the country’s developing needs, there is no internationalisation policy. Despite the fact that Ugandan universities attract students from elsewhere in Africa due to their comparatively low fees and higher education has been designated as a key export in the past, local institutions typically adopt their respective approaches to internationalisation.
This Student Insight report profiles prospective students from Uganda considering study abroad using data from ongoing research examining a range of motivating factors and influences. A valuable resource, this report provides a better understanding of students’ decision making, enabling higher education institutions and suppliers to plan informed, and more effective recruitment, and marketing strategies for a market offering many possibilities.

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