Student Insight - Taiwan 2018

Student Insight - Taiwan 2018
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March, 2018



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Student Insight - Taiwan 2018
Student Insight - Taiwan 2018
Student Insight - Taiwan 2018

Taiwan has gone through many reforms and social changes that have helped to transform it from an authoritarian state to a democracy. Although operating as a de facto independent nation due to China’s sovereignty claims over the province, Taiwan’s politics is divided between the aspirations of eventual Chinese unification or Taiwanese independence. The current government marks a shift in government strategy away from China which impacts the education sector as efforts are made to strengthen Taiwan’s position as a preferred study destination, especially among ASEAN nations, South Asia, Australia and New Zealand. While quality education is highly regarded in Taiwan and the island nation has one of the world's best higher education and training systems, the tertiary sector has undergone a series of reforms in the last decade. These have included initiatives to develop research and boost institutions’ international profiles, and foster work-ready graduates for cutting-edge global industries by closer alignment of industry and academia.

This Student Insight report profiles prospective students in Taiwan interested in study abroad and provides an understanding of the factors motivating their decision and choices. A valuable resource, this report provides the intelligence to help institutions develop informed internationalisation strategies, transnational education partnerships and more effective recruitment and marketing plans.

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