Student Insight - Russia 2017

Student Insight - Russia 2017
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March, 2017



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Student Insight - Russia 2017
Student Insight - Russia 2017
Student Insight - Russia 2017

One of the BRICS nations which was considered to have enormous potential, Russia needs to diversify its economy and increase productivity among its shrinking workforce to achieve sustained economic growth.

Increasing demand for higher education after the 1991 breakup of the Soviet Union saw a dramatic rise in the number of HEIs, but more recently reforms have resulted in consolidation and investment in the sector as part of the effort to make it more globally competitive. Education is highly regarded and considered a sound investment with most parents prepared to make financial sacrifices for their children’s education. Despite a shrinking student-age population, Russia has become a major sending country as the demand for quality higher education has grown, incomes have risen, and the need to better match graduate skills with employer requirements has become more pressing.

This latest Student Insight profiles students from Russia interested in pursuing study abroad where education quality is a priority influencing study destination choices. Part of the ongoing global British Council survey, the research examines prospective students, providing a snapshot of their interests, motivations, and aspirations regarding overseas study. Featuring results of students surveyed between January 2015 and December 2016, the research offers insights into factors driving international study choices and provides a valuable resource to support strategy development, recruitment, and marketing efforts.

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