Student Insight - Morocco 2017

Student Insight - Morocco 2017
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September, 2017



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Student Insight - Morocco 2017
Student Insight - Morocco 2017
Student Insight - Morocco 2017

Amid concerted efforts to diversify its economy, Morocco’s outlook is positive with prospects further encouraged as the country opens new doors having rejoined the African Union. Education is a national priority, and although reforms and high public spending have helped to improve access and reduce the gender gap, quality is a concern across all levels of education, with the resulting low levels of human capital presenting a barrier to economic growth. Further education reforms under Vision 2030 emphasise vocational training and entrepreneurship skills in the effort to address skilled labour shortages and the dominance of the informal sector. Reforms at tertiary level seek to develop education hubs to concentrate excellence while increasing visibility and promoting scientific research. Internationalisation is a priority as Morocco aims to boost opportunities for foreign providers to participate in partnerships, exchanges and collaborations.

This latest Student Insight profiles prospective students from Morocco interested in pursuing study abroad. Part of an ongoing global British Council survey, this latest research examines potential students, providing a snapshot of their interests, motivations, and aspirations regarding overseas study. Featuring results of students surveyed between January and July 2017, the research delivers an understanding of factors influencing study abroad choices and will help inform internationalisation planning and recruitment efforts.

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