Student Insight - Kazakhstan 2017

Student Insight - Kazakhstan 2017
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February, 2017



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Student Insight - Kazakhstan 2017
Student Insight - Kazakhstan 2017
Student Insight - Kazakhstan 2017

A former Soviet Republic, Kazakhstan became independent in 1991 and is classified as an upper-middle-income country with its economy far outpacing those of its Central Asian neighbours. Despite its strategic location linking the economies of Asia, Russia, and Western Europe, Kazakhstan was impacted by the global downturn following a decade of steady growth. However, with new government initiatives including plans to transform the country into a major regional transport hub between Europe and Asia, the outlook for recovery and growth is promising. Meanwhile, there are plans underway to continue improving the education system to develop a highly-educated labour force. While study abroad is encouraged by the government, many of Kazakhstan’s outwardly mobile students study in Russia. However, other destinations such as the UK have become more popular in recent years, especially when the country’s economy was flourishing.
This latest Student Insight profiles prospective students from Kazakhstan interested in pursuing study abroad. Part of the ongoing global British Council survey, this latest research examines potential students, providing a snapshot of their interests, motivations, and aspirations regarding overseas study. Featuring results of students surveyed between January 2015 and December 2016, the research offers insights into factors influencing international study choices providing a valuable resource for international education stakeholders and marketers.

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