Student Insight - Colombia 2017

Student Insight - Colombia 2017
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May, 2017



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Student Insight - Colombia 2017
Student Insight - Colombia 2017
Student Insight - Colombia 2017

Education is a priority in Colombia as the government moves forward with its ambitious plan to have the best-educated population in the region by 2025. The higher education sector has seen a significant expansion in the last decade, and today the gross tertiary enrolment is around 50 per cent, twice as high as ten years ago. While increasing wealth and an expanding middle class have enhanced access to education, and there have been improvements in the sector overall, quality is a concern, and an inadequately educated workforce poses a challenge to economic growth ambitions. Meanwhile, the government has been fostering internationalisation in higher education for several years, with Colombia actively promoting itself as a study destination while many outbound students head to Spanish-speaking countries in the region. This latest Student Insight profiles students from Colombia interested in pursuing study abroad where education quality and an institution’s reputation strongly influence study destination choices. Part of the ongoing global British Council survey, the research examines prospective students, providing a snapshot of their interests, motivations, and aspirations regarding study abroad. Featuring results of students surveyed throughout 2016, the research offers insights into factors driving international study choices and provides a valuable resource to support strategy development, recruitment, and marketing efforts.

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