Student Insight - China

Student Insight - China
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April, 2012

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Student Insight - China
Student Insight - China
Student Insight - China

This paper is based on data collected in 2011 from almost 2,000 prospective international students located throughout China.

Chapter 1 China’s tertiary student enrolment was 26 percent in 2010, and only one-third of high school graduates generally go on to tertiary education. Concerns about quality of education in China, competitiveness of national entrance exams, government support for higher education both locally and abroad, and a strengthening yuan could position China as the largest source of funded overseas students in future. The chapter profiles prospective Chinese students interested in studying abroad, highlighting interest in undergraduate or postgraduate study, current status (ie. employed vs. studying), stage in the decision-making process, abode, subjects in demand, interests and hobbies.

Chapter 2 examines the influences impacting the decision of Chinese students to study overseas, identifying differences between prospective undergraduates and postgraduates. Cultural experience and better quality of education were among the most important influences for both groups. Factors affecting decisions about study destination and choice of institution, as well as sources of influence such as family members, career advisors or other students, are also detailed. The impact of factors such as reputation of institution, course quality, international recognition of qualification and on-campus facilities are prioritised.

Chapter 3 looks at the best ways of reaching these students by identifying the major sources of information used by prospective undergraduate and postgraduate students in researching overseas education. Preferred online sources such as networking sites and search engines are also examined. Services required by education agents are highlighted.

Chapter 4 notes the changes in preferred subjects over previous surveys and highlights the increasing influence of factors such as online resources, in the decision making process of prospective international students. Chinese students place a high priority on key qualities when making a decision about an institution or study destination, and recommendations for marketing activities targeting these students are made accordingly.

Please Note: Research reports produced by Education Intelligence may contain data or information collected from public sources such as UNESCO, the OECD and the World Bank, among others, in addition to original British Council data.

When deciding which country in which to study, the reasons most cited were quality of education (19.2 percent), internationally recognised qualifications (13 percent), university reputation (13 percent) and career prospects (11.8 percent), suggesting that the country itself had less impact on respondents’ decisions than the institutions or an institution’s educational reputation.

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