Student Insight - Brunei 2015

Student Insight - Brunei 2015
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February, 2015

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Student Insight - Brunei 2015
Student Insight - Brunei 2015
Student Insight - Brunei 2015

Known for its quality of life as well as its wealth, Brunei Darussalam places a high priority on education and has one of the biggest budgets in the Southeast Asian region on a per-capita basis. The government has provided ongoing support to local tertiary-level education institutions, and more recently has given extra attention to vocational and technical schools. Brunei Darussalam's small size and access to generous government subsidies make study abroad an attractive option to potential higher education students. This report focuses on prospective students from Brunei Darussalam, using data gathered from an ongoing study of respondents living in-country at the time they were surveyed. As well as profiling prospective students and highlighting the factors influencing their decision to study abroad, the report provides insight into the wide range of information sources used in the decision-making process.

With the government’s supportive approach to overseas education, study abroad is a feasible option for students in Brunei Darussalam, especially in disciplines that are more developed and advanced at tertiary institutions in foreign countries. This latest Student Insight report provides valuable information that will help support higher education institutions’ marketing and recruitment efforts in a market that offers a good potential source of students.

Subsidies for study abroad at the tertiary level are very generous, covering accommodation, textbooks, transportation and food. As a result, there is great interest and desire to pursue higher education in the UK...

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