Student Insight - Bangladesh 2015

Student Insight - Bangladesh 2015
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September, 2015

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Student Insight - Bangladesh 2015
Student Insight - Bangladesh 2015
Student Insight - Bangladesh 2015

Bangladesh has maintained an impressive track record on growth and development in recent years, despite the backdrop of political uncertainty and weak competitiveness. Although the population has been increasing at a slower rate, the country’s labour force has been growing rapidly. Improved labour force participation and productivity have the potential to transform the rising number of job seekers into a significant demographic dividend in the coming years. The promise of a strong economy combined with the prospect of having one of fastest growth rates in higher education participation among emerging markets this decade, positions Bangladesh as a country with many opportunities to connect with students interested in study abroad.

This Student Insight report profiles prospective students from Bangladesh interested in study abroad using data from ongoing research examining students, and the factors and influences motivating their interest to study abroad. In addition to examining how potential students have evolved since the previous survey, the report provides a better understanding of what impacts students’ decision-making when they are considering study abroad options. A valuable resource, this updated Student Insight provides intelligence that will enable higher education institutions and suppliers to plan informed and more effective recruitment and marketing strategies.

Although Bangladesh is a largely service-based economy, the industrial sector is driving growth, and the country has an opportunity to expand and further develop manufacturing while growing its export markets. This development will require skilled personnel who will be able to work across international boundaries, as well as managers and administrators who can effectively manage production and operations.

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