Student Insight - Azerbaijan 2015

Student Insight - Azerbaijan 2015
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December, 2015



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Student Insight - Azerbaijan 2015
Student Insight - Azerbaijan 2015
Student Insight - Azerbaijan 2015

Since independence from Russia in 1991, Azerbaijan has moved towards reducing poverty and raising incomes, although economic diversification and liberalisation, infrastructure development, education and social welfare are important for driving future economic growth. Azerbaijan has taken significant steps to modernise and reform the education sector, but the country still has some way to go according to the World Bank. Tertiary enrolment is comparatively low and there is a significant mismatch between graduates’ qualifications and the structure of the employment market. Although study abroad is limited largely to high-income families in Azerbaijan, interest in international programmes is set to increase as incomes rise and the middle class grows. Russia and Turkey are currently popular destinations for Azerbaijani students abroad, but other destinations such as the UK and Germany are becoming more appealing.

This Student Insight report profiles prospective students from Azerbaijan interested in study abroad using data from ongoing research examining students, and the factors and influences motivating their interest to study abroad. The report provides a better understanding of what impacts students’ decision-making when they are considering study abroad options and provides insight into the wide range of information sources used in the decision-making process. A valuable resource, this Student Insight delivers intelligence that allows higher education institutions and suppliers to plan informed and more effective recruitment and marketing strategies.

“Students were principally motivated to look abroad for a better quality of education and a means to improve their career prospects. It will therefore be important to connect with students’ desires to be marketable to prospective employers in the communications approach along with a strategy to engage media.”

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