Inside India - a new status quo

Inside India - a new status quo
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December, 2013

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Inside India - a new status quo
Inside India - a new status quo
Inside India - a new status quo

Half of India’s population will be aged under 25 in 2028, when the country is expected to surpass China to become the world’s most populous nation. It will be at this point that India also has the world’s largest university entrance-aged cohort.

The Indian education sector is characterised by a unique set of attributes and big system challenges that go hand in hand with the responsibility of educating a large and growing population. Given the enormous challenge of providing equal opportunities for quality higher education to an ever-growing number of students, Inside India provides a unique insight into the country’s education provision and the education aspirations of young Indians. The report examines the story behind fluctuating trends in Indian students’ overseas priorities which has seen study destinations like Canada and Germany becoming more popular, although the UK remains the most preferred.

Using a range of information sources, including data gathered from an ongoing British Council survey, Inside India provides an incisive overview of the education environment, and closely examines the factors influencing young Indians’ study destination choices and considerations impacting their decisions. Inside India delivers understanding of a dynamic education environment, and highlights opportunities and challenges faced by higher education institutions planning recruitment or investment in this important market.

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