Inside Guide - Uganda 2017

Inside Guide - Uganda 2017
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February, 2017



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Inside Guide - Uganda 2017
Inside Guide - Uganda 2017
Inside Guide - Uganda 2017

With a steady economic growth and young population, Uganda must diversify beyond agriculture and commodities, balance its urbanisation efforts and move forward in raising per capita income levels to reap the benefits of its demographic dividend. The government has made great strides in enhancing education access, and although problems persist in terms of quality, education is highly valued, and Ugandans across all social levels are prepared to spend a high proportion of their incomes on it.

Demand for higher education is also strong, and Uganda is home to one of Africa’s most highly-rated universities, a factor which increases the appeal of its higher education system to students from countries around the continent. Although there is a growing minority looking to improve their employability with study abroad, the government recognises the need to develop an education system that can support the country’s economic development and enhance prosperity levels. The priority to match skills with the needs of the labour market has led to a greater emphasis on the Business, Technical and Vocational Education and Training (BTVET) sector. Inside Guide Uganda delivers an understanding of a dynamic market and highlights opportunities and challenges faced by higher education institutions and international educators wishing to support the training and development needs of a young nation with a promising future.

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