Inside Guide - Peru 2016

Inside Guide - Peru 2016
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May, 2016




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Inside Guide - Peru 2016
Inside Guide - Peru 2016
Inside Guide - Peru 2016

An upper-middle-income country, Peru is one of the strongest economic performers in Latin America and the Caribbean. With a growing youthful population, Peru’s expanding labour force is expected to provide a demographic dividend which will help drive the country’s future economic prosperity. The government’s policies of social inclusion have dramatically reduced poverty levels, and the emerging middle classes have increasing levels of disposable income and rising aspirations. This social transformation is driving an increasing demand for improvements in many sectors including education. Despite investment and reform, the sector has many shortcomings and concerns about education quality are widespread. Government investment in education reforms is designed to increase inclusivity, further, reduce poverty and equip young people with work-ready skills.

In the early stages of internationalisation of education, Peru is a growing market supported by the government’s commitment to develop human capital, invest in scholarships and promote English language learning and achieve bilingualism by 2021. With a large young population, strong economic prospects and the government’s efforts to strengthen an underperforming education system, Peru offers opportunities for recruiting students to study abroad and for international education and training expertise to support reform efforts and improve practices. This Inside Guide examines Peru, providing an overview of key trends and offering insights on how to capitalise on potential education opportunities.

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