Inside Guide - Pakistan

Inside Guide - Pakistan
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September, 2013

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Inside Guide - Pakistan
Inside Guide - Pakistan
Inside Guide - Pakistan

Pakistan is now the most urbanised society in South Asia. With its large and youthful population and an expanding urban middle class, there is a greater propensity for spending on aspirational goods and services, such as education. However Pakistan still has one of the lowest enrolment rates in the world at all levels of education, and government spending is comparatively low at 2.4% of GDP. While many of Pakistan’s higher education institutions enjoy good reputations, demand for quality tertiary education outstrips supply. International study is promoted for Pakistani students and demand for overseas study is high, with more than 25,000 Pakistani students expected to pursue higher education at colleges and universities abroad in 2013-2014. The UK remains the first choice destination for Pakistani students intending to study abroad. With a grass-roots examination of a country dealing with the challenges of corruption, bureaucratic inefficiency and political instability, the Pakistan Inside Guide also offers insights on how to start operations or gain market share. In addition to overviews of the economy and the education environment, the Guide examines mobility trends. A profile of prospective students is also included, highlighting the factors influencing the decision to study abroad and the information sources used. The Pakistan Inside Guide will provide a better understanding of the competitive environment, opportunities and challenges faced by higher education institutions planning recruitment or investment in this demanding market.

Cost and quality are key factors for these students and they are interested in more traditionally popular subjects valuable for the domestic economy.

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