Inside Guide - Morocco

Inside Guide - Morocco
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January, 2016



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Inside Guide - Morocco
Inside Guide - Morocco
Inside Guide - Morocco

Widely seen as one of the region’s recent success stories, Morocco has avoided much of the turmoil affecting other parts of the Middle East and North Africa. With significant reforms including a strengthening multi-party democracy and enhanced human rights provisions, Morocco has continued to evolve politically since independence in 1956, and even more so after the rise of the Arab Spring in 2011. Although it lacks natural resources, Morocco is driving economic growth by leveraging its position between Europe and sub-Saharan Africa while trying to sustain its tourism industry and modernise the agricultural sector.

Morocco has made substantial progress in education but there are still regional differences linked to social and economic inequalities, and persisting gender disparity in post-primary education. Flaws in the country’s education and training systems and labour markets has led to unemployment among many graduates and youth, resulting in an inefficient use of human capital further compromised by the risk of regional unrest.

With a large young population, promising economic growth and an inadequate higher education system, Morocco offers opportunities for recruiting students to study abroad and for international education and training expertise to support reform efforts and improve practices. This Inside Guide examines Morocco, providing an overview of key trends and offering insights on how to capitalise on potential higher education opportunities.

“The inadequacies of the higher education system create continuing opportunities for recruiting students from Morocco to study abroad. Also, there is potential for international education and training expertise to be shared with those attempting to reform and improve the system in Morocco.”

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