Inside Guide - Kenya

Inside Guide - Kenya
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February, 2015

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Inside Guide - Kenya
Inside Guide - Kenya
Inside Guide - Kenya

With a booming economy and an expanding middle-class spending more discretionary income, Kenya may be poised to grow and develop further as part of the next region expected to boom. Meanwhile, the country also faces security challenges intensified by crime, political instability and corruption, infrastructural weaknesses, poverty and inequality.

Improvements in school education have created more demand for tertiary education and an increase in the number of universities. Rapid expansion of the country’s higher education is raising quality concerns, although there are hopes that improved governance will help reduce the problem of unmonitored private institutions offering low-grade qualifications. Amid the efforts to reform its own higher education system, the government is encouraging student mobility, especially within East Africa, although there is a rising number of Kenyans pursuing study in destinations outside the region.

An attractive market with promising economic growth, and a growing and increasingly well-heeled, middle class driving demand for higher education abroad as well as within its expanding education system, Kenya offers many opportunities to the global higher education sector. This Inside Guide offers a grassroots examination of Kenya, providing an overview of key trends and offering insights for higher education institutions abroad exploring partnership and recruitment opportunities to host the increasing numbers of Kenyan students.

After many years of lagging behind other countries in Sub-Saharan Africa, Kenya’s economy seems to be poised to make significant gains and could be on the verge of a breakthrough into sustained industrial development.

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