Inside Guide - Colombia

Inside Guide - Colombia
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August, 2014

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Inside Guide - Colombia
Inside Guide - Colombia
Inside Guide - Colombia

A longstanding democracy, Colombia is now the third-largest economy in South America. With a quarter of the population aged 15 – 29, and an emerging middle-class which prioritises education over other expenditure, Colombia has growing education needs that must be supported to ensure the country’s productive and sustainable future. However, the standard of education is an issue, and although there is an ongoing expansion and reform of the education system, dropout rates are high and quality is poor at all levels. Amid strong economic growth, internationalisation is also becoming more important, and the government is keen to promote the country as an education destination, especially as a place to learn Spanish. Study abroad opportunities have increased, a trend likely to continue as the economy develops. Although the country’s higher education sector is increasingly establishing links with the international academic community, growth has been driven partly by the excess demand for higher education places in Colombia over supply.

An attractive market due to economic growth and strong forecasts, Colombia provides good prospects to higher education institutions planning recruitment drives and investment. This report examines Colombia, providing an overview of key trends and offering insights on how to capitalise on opportunities.

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