Country Brief - Turkey 2017

Country Brief - Turkey 2017
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November, 2017



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Country Brief - Turkey 2017
Country Brief - Turkey 2017
Country Brief - Turkey 2017

Turkey has a large young population and a vibrant economy, and occupies an important strategic position between Europe and Asia. Turkey has had a turbulent year following the failed military coup attempt in mid-2016. The government won a referendum to increase the powers of the presidency, though more narrowly than it hoped. Following the coup, thousands of civil servants and academics were dismissed, and the government has also moved against media outlets and journalists. These measures may well affect the government’s ambitious plans for internationalisation of higher education. The economy is performing above expectations in 2017, and consumer confidence is recovering, but interest rates, debt and inflation remain high and unemployment has risen slightly. Productivity remains low. The government has recently announced a ‘silent revolution in Higher Education’ focussing on quality assurance, mission differentiation and research capacity development. There is significant interest in bilateral co-operation in higher education and the Newton Fund is extending co-operation in research partnerships. After achievements in widening access to education, the focus is on improving quality and reducing the numbers of students who leave education early. Turkey is a major sending and receiving market for international students and the uncertainty of the political situation is encouraging those who can afford to do so to look abroad for study opportunities.

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