Country Brief - Taiwan 2017

Country Brief - Taiwan 2017
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July, 2017



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Country Brief - Taiwan 2017
Country Brief - Taiwan 2017
Country Brief - Taiwan 2017

Taiwan’s growth from a low base has been remarkable, and with its lack of natural resources, the country is often hailed as a development success story. Previous governments have invested heavily and steadily in its human capital, although in recent years the growth of Taiwan’s well-educated population has been hampered by stagnant wage growth, which resulted in people looking abroad for better-paid careers. However, Taiwan’s economy is beginning to rebound, and although unemployment is low and employers struggle to find suitably skilled staff, there are efforts underway to encourage new industries, diversify the economy and bring back growth. With the new leadership, internationalisation efforts are likely to continue as the local student-age population contracts, and Taiwan looks at ways to renew its education sector while making sure it is effectively responding to the evolving employment needs of a globalised economy. Amid a dynamic, changing landscape, there are opportunities for providers that can add value to the local market.

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