Country Brief - Spain 2017

Country Brief - Spain 2017
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July, 2017



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Country Brief - Spain 2017
Country Brief - Spain 2017
Country Brief - Spain 2017

Spain’s economy is growing strongly after emerging from a long and deep recession triggered by the bursting of a property and credit bubble. Exports and investment gave growth a boost in the most recent quarter, and new technology start-ups are increasing, mainly in Madrid and Barcelona. On the other hand, debt and continuing high levels of unemployment, job insecurity and low pay are factors acting to dampen consumer confidence. Political uncertainty is also continuing after two elections failed to produce a majority government, and with demands from Catalonia for a referendum on independence. These factors, together with cuts in funding, are making it more difficult for Spanish universities to raise their international profile. Opposition to the government’s education programme has placed elements of it in doubt. The country’s improved economic performance may be ending a long period of emigration by many of Spain’s best-educated young people, but a considerable number of students are still seeking higher education abroad. The country’s historical treasures, modern cities, climate and lifestyle make it an attractive destination for Spanish- and non-Spanish-speaking students, especially for exchange visits and language courses. However, international student enrolment is constrained by a lack of recognition of non-Spanish qualifications and by universities having few support systems for international students.

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