Country Brief - Qatar 2017

Country Brief - Qatar 2017
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December, 2017



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Country Brief - Qatar 2017
Country Brief - Qatar 2017
Country Brief - Qatar 2017

Qatar’s massive oil and gas reserves have fuelled economic growth and development, and the country has emerged as one of the richest in the world, although it has begun to feel the effects of falling oil prices. Meanwhile, the embargo imposed by Qatar’s neighbours in 2017 creates uncertainty in the region while casting a shadow over Qatar’s position as a global education hub, previously strengthened by the nation's political stability and security. The small local population is supported by a large immigrant community of both skilled expatriates and unskilled migrant workers, many of whom work in construction or domestic service. As the population has grown rapidly, demand for education from both Qataris and non-Qataris has increased, and the government has set out a clear strategy for refining its position as a regional education hub and creating a balanced knowledge- and hydrocarbon-led economy.

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