Country Brief - Pakistan 2017

Country Brief - Pakistan 2017
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August, 2017



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Country Brief - Pakistan 2017
Country Brief - Pakistan 2017
Country Brief - Pakistan 2017

Reforms are underway to stabilise Pakistan’s economy and create conditions for meaningful growth and job creation. China’s 2015 announcement of a US$46 billion fund for energy and infrastructure projects in Pakistan as part of a China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) will substantially address the country’s infrastructure deficit. The large investment in infrastructure will also lead to job creation and growth. In the longer term, the CPEC is also expected to improve connectivity to domestic and international markets, and stimulate private investment. To support the government’s pursuit of a knowledge-based economy, it has taken a stronger stance on education in the past few years and has committed to improving higher education provision. There are also plans to make vocational training more responsive to emerging technologies and the needs of the private education sector are also being emphasised. In addition the government aims to align and regulate the academic programmes offered by universities with the labour market, development priorities and research needs. As Pakistan has a relatively large youth population and it will continue to grow in the coming years, the demand for quality education at all levels will remain strong. Student interest in international qualifications is also on the rise along with a wide choice of international study destinations. The country remains a rich source of international recruitment with increasing numbers of internationally mobile students.

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