Country Brief - Kuwait 2017

Country Brief - Kuwait 2017
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July, 2017



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Country Brief - Kuwait 2017
Country Brief - Kuwait 2017
Country Brief - Kuwait 2017

Kuwait has faced increasing economic challenges in recent years as a result of the dramatic fall in oil prices. Though it has considerable financial reserves, it has acted to reduce subsidies on utilities and other necessities, as well as slowing some development projects, to protect the public finances. Its young population offers the country opportunities but, at present, many young people are reluctant to engage in private sector employment, leaving the country reliant on a large non-national labour force which it would prefer to reduce. The government is attempting to address quality issues in education and to expand tertiary provision, but it does not have ambitions to rival other regional education hubs such as the UAE. Its substantial wealthy elite remains a significant source of internationally mobile students for both regional and traditional Western destinations.

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