Country Brief - India 2017

Country Brief - India 2017
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April, 2017



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Country Brief - India 2017
Country Brief - India 2017
Country Brief - India 2017

India continues to outpace the other BRICS economies and its huge youth population and growing middle class are potentially the world’s largest labour force and consumer market. However, a focus on reforms designed to create a skilled, diverse workforce and a world-class manufacturing industry are not keeping pace with demand and India’s formal employment sector has not developed in line with its economy. High aspirations for the higher education sector and measures to increase places and raise standards are hampered by under-resourcing. India’s transformation is at a pivotal point, its young and connected population and emerging middle class hold much potential, but the speed at which the evolution can continue will depend on India’s ability to find them productive jobs, improve its infrastructure, manage its expanding urbanisation, improve the quality of education and healthcare and tackle inequality, enabling all sections of society to ride the wave. Market potential for education providers is bright, given the size of the market and the need to provide not only high-quality courses, but partnerships, collaborations, expertise and online learning.

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