Country Brief - France 2017

Country Brief - France 2017
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August, 2017



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Country Brief - France 2017
Country Brief - France 2017
Country Brief - France 2017

Economic growth is starting to take hold, supported by increases in investment and consumption. Consumer optimism has also risen as confidence in the economic situation improves to levels that have not been seen since before the global crisis. The labour market is also showing signs of improvement as unemployment levels fall. However, reducing unemployment among young people, particularly those with a lower level of education, will continue to remain a challenge for the new government. In addition, many workers lack the basic and digital skills to help support growth in sectors where France can strengthen its position in a global economy. Structural reforms will be necessary to enable France to face its many challenges, including reducing the budget deficit, controlling public spending, supporting employment growth, and promoting industrial development. Much also needs to be done to address the widening inequalities in education. With wide-ranging reforms underway, France is investigating the potential for further internationalisation in its higher education sector, which is already one of the most attractive in the world for international students.

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