Country Brief - Colombia 2017

Country Brief - Colombia 2017
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July, 2017



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Country Brief - Colombia 2017
Country Brief - Colombia 2017
Country Brief - Colombia 2017

Colombia has transformed over the past decade, moving away from the failed state image of the past and emerging as an increasingly prosperous nation with high potential for development. The government embarked on an ambitious plan to enhance growth and increase labour productivity, and has made significant progress in making growth more inclusive, reducing poverty levels and broadening access to education. With economic and political stability and the promise of a stable post-conflict environment, Colombia needs to be prepared to transition to higher levels of development. While security, poverty, and infrastructure development are still significant challenges, the government is committed to investing in youth and education to secure the country's future. With policies aimed at improving education quality overall, enhancing attainment levels, reducing dropout rates and getting increasingly well-educated young people into the workplace, the government plans to take advantage of the potential of its expanding working age population. Internationalisation and education development policies are in place, with efforts being made both by the government and higher education institutions to put these into effect. As they do so, this will create further opportunities in areas such as English language training, vocational and academic programmes and student recruitment in higher education.

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