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South Korea is a high-income country with a very highly-educated population. An economy based on rapid industrial transformation and manufacturing exports, it is now seeking to make the transition to a more consumption-based, creative and knowledge economy. It also faces the challenge of an ageing...
May, 2017
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Parents in South Korea have long placed a high value on education. Despite the excellent performance of Korean school students in international tests, many parents want their children to experience a more well-rounded education and be better equipped for a global labour market, and so look abroad....
July, 2014
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With the soaring popularity of social networking sites around the world in the last five years, it is inevitable that social media usage is particularly widespread and growing among international students. Social media has become an increasingly important resource for students intending to study...
January, 2014
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This paper is based on data collected in 2011 from 1,310 prospective international students located throughout South Korea. Chapter 1 South Korea has one of the highest tertiary participation rates for young people among the top OECD countries. However, Korean media has raised concerns about...
April, 2012
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