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Hong Kong is an advanced service-based economy whose economic growth in the past was founded on acting as a hub for trade and investment in Mainland China. This role is now changing and the government is looking to encourage more technology start-ups and creative and knowledge-based industries, as...
May, 2017
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Education Intelligence has expanded its research portfolio to release a series of all-new reports on further education (FE). Covering all levels of study, from A-levels to higher vocational education, the FE sector has seen a lot of changes in recent years, and policy shifts favouring a more...
June, 2013
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Hong Kong’s education sector is already very competitive, and given the fluctuating nature of the local education system and that 11 per cent of the population is aged under 15, the city is likely to remain a strong market for international higher education and international secondary school...
December, 2013
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This paper is based on data collected from over 2,000 prospective international students from Hong Kong. In their introduction to higher education in Hong Kong the authors highlight the fact that approximately 20 percent of those qualified for a domestic university education are unable to secure a...
May, 2011
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Recent education reforms have brought Hong Kong's curriculum into line with international standards, promoting student-centred learning and establishing a broader, more diversified school curriculum. This report examines the impact of these reforms on the Hong Kong higher education market, and...
September, 2013
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