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For much of the past decade Brazil was one of the world’s fastest-growing emerging economies. As well as increased growth, poverty levels were reduced and the standard of living for millions was dramatically improved. However, in recent years a deteriorating economy, rising unemployment, high...
June, 2017
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Part of our English in Latin America series, this report provides an in-depth, holistic assessment of English language learning in Brazil. Many Latin American countries are united in their efforts to improve the English language levels of their overall populations but their underlying reasons as...
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A rising industrial power, Brazil is South America's largest economy and a regional leader. However, despite the progress, Brazil’s education system is not seen to be providing workers with the essential skills required for an economy in transition toward more knowledge-based activities. Skills...
January, 2016
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Higher education in Brazil has become more accessible in recent years, due to the advent of relatively affordable and good-quality, private, for-profit schools. Government universities and colleges are free or have minimal fees, and continue to be considered the most prestigious, although they tend...
February, 2015
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