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Colombia has transformed over the past decade, moving away from the failed state image of the past and emerging as an increasingly prosperous nation with high potential for development. The government embarked on an ambitious plan to enhance growth and increase labour productivity, and has made...
July, 2017
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Part of our English in Latin America series, this report provides an in-depth, holistic assessment of English language learning in Colombia. Many Latin American countries are united in their efforts to improve the English language levels of their overall populations but their underlying reasons as...
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Education is a priority in Colombia as the government moves forward with its ambitious plan to have the best-educated population in the region by 2025. The higher education sector has seen a significant expansion in the last decade, and today the gross tertiary enrolment is around 50 per cent,...
May, 2017
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A longstanding democracy, Colombia is now the third-largest economy in South America. With a quarter of the population aged 15 – 29, and an emerging middle-class which prioritises education over other expenditure, Colombia has growing education needs that must be supported to ensure the...
August, 2014
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