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The present government of Japan, with an economic strategy – Abenomics – named after its prime minister, aims to use fiscal and monetary measures to boost growth and inflation, combined with structural reforms to raise productivity and increase participation in the workforce, especially by women....
April, 2017
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Once Japan’s remarkable post-war growth ended and the ‘bubble economy’ burst at the start of the 1990s, the country faced a massive national debt, and spiralling welfare and pension costs due to its ageing population. Reform and internationalisation of the education sector have become key to the...
November, 2016
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Education Intelligence has expanded its research portfolio to release a series of all-new reports on further education (FE). Covering all levels of study, from A-levels to higher vocational education, the FE sector has seen a lot of changes in recent years, and policy shifts favouring a more...
June, 2013
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The significant decrease in the number of Japanese students studying abroad in recent years has become a national concern. Often attributed to the so-called ‘inward-looking’ attitude of today’s Japanese youth, who are portrayed as unwilling to venture far from the comforts of...
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