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Turkey has a large young population and a vibrant economy, and occupies an important strategic position between Europe and Asia. Turkey has had a turbulent year following the failed military coup attempt in mid-2016. The government won a referendum to increase the powers of the presidency, though...
November, 2017
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An upper-middle-income country, Turkey has the eighteenth largest economy in the world. With its sizeable youth population and well-heeled middle class, Turkey has benefitted from great economic prosperity and growth. While the economic outlook remains favourable compared to the rest of Europe or...
June, 2015
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Turkey is investing heavily in education, research and innovation, aiming to become one of the world’s top ten economies by 2023. The country’s transition from an agrarian economy to a developed, newly industrialised market has been swift. With a young and growing population driving...
September, 2013
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