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27 April 2017
Kuwait has developed a strong Islamic banking sector and growing wealth has driven the market for consumer goods and services, including retail, culture and education. With its young population, education is a priority, and the government is looking to higher education and training as a means of boosting its human capital.
24 April 2017
Technology may be an inevitable part of life in higher education but students who use computers in class score half a grade lower than those who write, a new study reports.
24 April 2017
Accordig to a new study by the OECD, teenagers who feel part of a school community and have support from both family and teachers are more likely to perform well academically and be happier. The findings, from the first OECD PISA assessment of student well-being, are based on a survey of 540,000 students in 72 partcipating countries and analyses student motivation to perform well at school and their relationships with peers and teachers.

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